Kind Words from Our Partners & Students 

Antonio and Adriana

It has been a pleasure working with Brian and Laryssa (Freedomvest Properties) as Joint Venture partners during the past two years. They seemed to have all the answers to our real estate questions. Since we met Brian and Laryssa we felt some chemistry between us. We decided to join them with our first JV deal in our real estate journey. They helped us to figure out the best way to complete our first deal. They were step by step, advising us through the entire process. We appreciate their efficiency and professionalism. The knowledge and insight Brian and Laryssa have provided are invaluable.

We are very happy with the options and advice they offered us during our JV deal. Everything was seamless and we have learned so much about real estate investment. I would highly recommend the Freedomvest Properties team who made our Real Estate journey so easy and painless.

Thank you, Brian, Laryssa, and family.

Sheila Proteau

I have dealt with many people in my time as a real estate investor, and if I had to rank them on the basis of integrity, communication, and skill, Brian Banks would be at the top of that list.

My experience with Brian was with a private lending deal in which Brian was the contractor for a major renovation on a BRRRR. I had just started into the private lending arena and was approached about an opportunity by a trusted mortgage broker. He told me that the loan-to-value was very high but assured me that the renovation job would be overseen by very competent contractor, Brian Banks. I had not met Brian before and was admittedly quite nervous about entering into what most would view as a high-risk deal. I spoke with Brian on the phone and he told me his background and assured me that he could bring the project to completion on time and on budget.

During the renovation, Brian's communication with me was outstanding. He sent regular emails along with photos outlining what had been completed and what next steps were. He was honest about any challenges that arose but always offered solutions. I valued and appreciated Brian's thorough and timely updates. He managed the project expertly and it was completed on time and within budget. It was an excellent experience for my first PL deal.

In my experience, it is very rare to find contractors (or anyone frankly!) who communicate as well and conducts themselves as professionally as Brian.. As an investor, I felt genuinely cared-for; I truly felt that Brian had my back and my best interests at heart. I would gladly get involved in any project with Brian.

Kryzia and Andrel Wisdom

We were referred to Brian and Laryssa through two trusted colleagues who identified him as a quality individual who does great work. Since entering into a co-ownership agreement with them in 2019, they have outperformed the original recommendation we received. They consistently deliver on what they say and ensure we receive regular updates as required. For any problems that have arisen, Brian and Laryssa provide multiple solutions when bringing it to our attention and follows through effectively to resolve it. We would proudly recommend that any investor work with Freedomvest Properties for their high integrity and commitment to providing results!

Don & Alethea M.

It is with great pleasure to have partnered with FreedomVest Properties for our real estate investing journey. Right from the start, Brian and Laryssa have not disappointed. They are always ready to help and always willing to answer any questions. Their transparency, experience, selflessness, professionalism, and prioritizing their partners' goals are just a few of their many strengths. They are extremely organized and efficient with their due diligence report on properties and present real numbers for potential investors. We gladly chose a 6-plex infill opportunity with FreedomVest in a high-end neighborhood close to the future LRT line expansion towards Misericordia Hospital and West Edmonton Mall. Thank you very much Brian and Laryssa for choosing us as your partners on this exciting project and a life-changing opportunity! Your partners and investors are so lucky to have you.

Alexandre Cournoyer

I started a remodel project SFH into a duplex in 2020. I though I had all planned out turn out I did not.... I knew Brian for about a year. I was asking him question for almost every problem I was encountering through the remodel. He was a great help answering all the questions I had without ever asking anything from me. At some point through the project I could not keep going due to lack of capital with some networking with him and a mortgage broker we ended up partnering to finish the project. Once he took charge of the renovation side of the project everything move a long so well, everything had a schedule for each step and made sure we follow it along. The project ended up a success and I got a great education by a good mentor.